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EagleView has a fleet of more than 115 airplanes taking aerial imagery that is used to provide 3D measurements, data analytics and GIS solutions on commercial, residential and public properties.

How might we design a responsive web app that allows EagleView customers to use their 3D measurement reports to order the precise amount of building materials as quickly as possible?

Problem: EagleView partnered with national construction stores to build a tool that would help them assist their customers in accurately ordering the precise amount of materials needed for each of their bids and jobs. Construction stores lose a lot of time and money when orders for materials are inaccurately placed. By using the 3D measurements for a property and connectiong to all the SKUs in the stores database, we can apply a formula that would select the exact quantity needed for each product.

The EagleView R&D Department had built an overly complex construction estimating platform that was to to complicated for the needs of of our clients. Leveraging the algorithms of the R&D tool, the UX Team was tasked with simplifying the user experience to a list of materials that could be auto-generated and then modified as needed.

Success: We were able to take the existing R&D tool of more than 100 screens and replace it with a 5-click process that amounted to over $1,000,000 in material orders in the first six months.


  1. User Personas
  2. Design Studio
  3. Field Visits & Interviews
  4. User Scenario & Activities
  5. Wireframes
  6. Visual Design
  7. Pattern Library
  8. Engineering Support
  9. User Testing
  10. Marketing

User Personas

Sara Supplier Sales Associate
"Earn trust and respect and you
have a customer for life."

Ralph Roofing Contractor
"If it's not easy to learn, and it won't
save me time -- I won't use it."

Design Studio

At project kick-off the UX Team gathered all internal stakeholders (Sales, PM, Customer Service, Engineering, & Marketing) together for a design studio brainstorming session. The format allowed for team members to quickly express their ideas and encouraged creative thinking, while allowing the sharing of individual insights between different departments. The session revealed many strong ideas, and some that helped drive the UX & Product Strategy:

Design Studio

Automate for Roofing Contractor by including the option to add Material List during ordering.

Design Studio

Provide a way for Sales Associate to set-up a "System" Template for Roofing clients

Design Studio

Simplify the amount of steps involved in ordering materials

Field Visits & User Interviews

Working with Product Managers & Sales we were able to organize three supplier store visits and conduct ten phone interviews with the following users:
5 Supplier Store Representatives
8 Roofing Construction Contractors

From our research we were able to identify the different tasks and motivations of our users. After completing our research we then worked with the Product Managers to write scenarios that verified the user goals.

Highlights of Quotes
“It needs to be as easy as ordering a sub sandwich.”

“I fax my orders directly to the same supplier and store manager on every order – confident that order will be billed and shipped correctly.”

“I always use the same system, the quality control is better.”

“I love EagleView reports and order them whenever I can or it’s appropriate! (QuickSqaures for every lead and will convert to Premium if get the job and house is complex.”

User Scenarios & Activities

Supplier Sales Representative:
  1. Contact Roofing Contractors installing roofs in the area
  2. Give them branch material pricing
  3. Help them with measurements for roofs (recommend ordering an EagleView Report if necessary)
  4. Help them organize materials needed – product quantities based on measurements (need measurement in writing, because of possible liability issues)
  5. Help them create a bid, providing three different manufacturers, and warranties for 30-40-50 year
  6. Make sure order is placed and delivered correctly
  7. Stay in close touch with customer through all phases of job
Roofing Contractor:
  1. Get leads for a repair or new install
  2. Measure roof (preferably by ordering an EagleView Report)
  3. Organize materials needed for the job – quantities based on measurements
  4. Estimage cost based on square feet and supplier pricing
  5. Create bid
  6. Get homeowner to sign a proposal on site (print or iPAD)
  7. Follow-up with warranty and upsells


CONSTRUCT wireframes
CONSTRUCT wireframes
CONSTRUCT wireframes
CONSTRUCT wireframes
CONSTRUCT wireframes
CONSTRUCT wireframes

Visual Design

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6 / 6

Pattern Library

The UX Team created and maintained a UX pattern library that documented all elements within the web application. We worked with Engineering to build-out a Bootstrap repositiory that housed the styling and code for each element, and co-owned updating the repository when elements were added, changed or removed.

CONSTRUCT Pattern Library
CONSTRUCT Pattern Library
CONSTRUCT Pattern Library

Engineering Support

The UX Team participated in daily SCRUM meetings with Engineering. We worked closely with all team members to resolve bugs, and plan sprints, helping Product Managers with feature and enhancement prioritization. The AGILE environment allowed us to iterate quickly with low-fi mock-ups, and then utilizing our Pattern Library we were able to complete the Fit & Finish as efficiently as possible.

Below is an example of a quick mock-up for a new feature:

CONSTRUCT Engineering Support
CONSTRUCT Engineering Support
CONSTRUCT Engineering Support

User Testing

After launch the UX Team designed a full test plan of the main user tasks and conducted usability tests in-house with 6 Supplier Representatives and 2 Roofing Contractors. We also completed a comprehensive user survey completed by ~100 customers. The survey included the SUS usability scale along with other qualitative questions. The UX Team was able to identify key takeaways from the research and make feature enhancements based on the information we gathered.

CONSTRUCT User Testing

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