Product Design

EV Mobile App

EagleView 2017

I led the UX Team on the design of the EagleView Mobile App with the main goal of allowing users to order EagleView 3D Measurement Reports while out in the field.

  • Quickly see key measurements at a glance
  • Upload additional property photos, add notes and annotations
  • Manage orders in a simplified dashboard

EagleView 2017

I led the UX Team on the design of the web application CONSTRUCT. The purpose of CONSTRUCT is to help construction companies quickly estimate the accurate cost of jobs and fulfill material orders once their bid is accepted.

By connecting EagleView 3D measurement data with national construction store pricing, CONSTRUCT automatically calculates the precise material quantities needed for building repairs and new construction.


EagleView Onsite

EagleView 2017

EagleView OnSite was created to help insurance adjusters analyze properties before and after storms without having to perform a field inspection. EagleView OnSite allows users to:

  • View and edit pre- and post event images
  • See the drone flight path
  • Mark areas of concern and see those already annotated
  • Generate measurement data for that claim

EagleView 2017

EagleView 3D Measurements are derived from high-resolution aerial imagery of buidlings and properties, and use proprietary software to extract the precise measurements into a 3D model.

I led the UX Team on the design of an e-commerce platform for ordering 3D Measurement Reports, and the subsequent visual presentation of the report data.

EV Measurements

EV EagleVision

EagleView 2017

I led the UX Team on the design of a R&D web application that overlayed weather events with property imagery and data. Following a catastrophic weather event, insurance carriers may be inundated with thousands of property insurance claims stemming from a single ZIP code. They needed a tool that helps extract crucial information as easily as possible, so they can triage the best use of their resources.

EagleView 2017

CONNECTExplorer is a web application that allows users to view a database of current and historical imagery.

  • Searching, retrieving, and displaying property imagery
  • Measuring distance, area, height, elevation, and slope of objects on ortho & oblique imagery
  • Superimpose visual GIS content onto imagery

CONNECT Explorer

EagleView 2016

CONNECT 360 is a browser based tool that provides multiples 3D views of both the inside and outside of buildings. The tools is designed for use by Public Safety professionals for:

  • Managing a planned event or routing a complex evacuation plan
  • Investigating a property prior to serving a high-risk warrant
  • Searching for the closest fire hydrant to a structure
  • Conducting a virtual inspection or training exercise


Mobile Assessment

EagleView 2016

Designed to facilitate fair and equitable assessments by allowing property appraisers to view and identify changes to parcels using aerial imagery.

  • View building outlines and change analysis data
  • Compare building outlines for recent and historical imagery using dual-pane analysis.
  • Sketch in the field and then sync with existing CAMA databases
  • Managing permissions and GIS content

Microsoft • Consultant 2010

Server Manager was redesigned with an emphasis on easing management of multiple servers,and uses the award-winning Metro user interface. I worked with a team of designers on key features and was responsible for managing design reviews, usability and visual design milestones.
Features included:

  • File Sharing
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Canvas
  • Wizard
  • Console
  • Task Manager
  • Help
  • Microsoft Server 8

    Atlas Solutions

    Atlas Advertiser Solutions 2002

    Atlas is a tool designed for marketers and agencies placing, managing and measuring digital AD campaigns across the Interet. As the sole designer, I was responsible for interaction and visual design.

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