EagleView Mobile App


My Role | Sr. UX Design Manager

Tools | Balsamiq, Illustrator, Photoshop


How can we improve and speed-up the 3D measurement ordering process for our users that spend the majority of their day on the road visiting client properties?

EagleView has a fleet of more than 200 airplanes taking aerial imagery used for 3D measurements, data analytics and GIS solutions for commercial, residential and public properties.

Problem: Many of EagleView's customers work in the field, visiting multiple properties during a day, and they would like to place an order while on location instead of having to wait until they get back to the office. While out in the field EagleView customers take their own photos of the property and would like to have them included on the measurement report. Additionally, we reviewed usage data and discovered 80% of customers order the same measurement product 90% of the time.

At kick-off, the EagleView e-commerce website was not mobile repsonsive. Therefore, it was very difficult for customers to both navigate and order measurement reports using their mobile device browsers.

Success: The amount of orders placed on the EV Mobile App compared to EV Website transactions has grown by more than 8% year-over-year, and the Mobile App has extremely high usability scoring along with customer satisfaction.

User Personas

Sunny Solar Designer
"I try to match the sales quote, while designing an accurate, easy-to-install system."

Ian Independent Adjuster
"I enjoy the satisfaction of creating a positive claims experience for my clients."

Ralph Roofing Contractor
"If it's not easy to learn, and it won't save me time -- I won't use it."

Field Visits & User Interviews

Working with Product Managers & Sales we were able to organize three field visits and conduct eleven phone interviews with the following users:

9 Roofing Construction Contractors
2 Independent Adjusters
3 Solar Designers

From our research we were able to identify the different tasks and motivations of our users. After completing our research we then worked with the Product Managers to write scenarios that verified the user goals.

Activity Flow Diagram

EagleView Mobile App Activity Flow Diagram

Key User Tasks:
  • Create Account
  • Select & Set Default Products
  • Add Instructions
  • Place Order for 3D Measurements
  • Add Photos
  • Update Credit Card
  • Review & Regenerate Measurement


Tablet Wireframe

Tablet Wireframe

Visual Design

Style Guide & Assets

The UX Team assembled a 91 page styleguide that included direction on Colors, Typography, Component Spacing, & All Design Patterns used. We also created over 200 vector graphics, which incuded five different resolution sizes.

Tablet Wireframe


Engineering Support

The UX Team was working with software engineers across the continent to get the mobile app built and launched. As part of the collaboration we identified several screens to create redlines that would be helpful for development accuracy and efficiency. The UX team was very proactive in pairing with software engineers during development and we worked together to make quick corrections and trade-offs as needed.

Tablet Wireframe


User Testing & Updates

After launch we were able to work with the Product Managers in designing an effective user survey to identify areas of user success and user tasks within the app that didn't do as well as planned. We also conducted informal user testing and developed a formal test plan with the initial eleven users we interviewed and observed in the field before we started the design phase. EagleView Customer Service was looking for help in reducing amount of tickets they had to handle over the phone. After reviewing the user feedback and prioritizing against business goals the UX Team was able to make the following feature enhancements to the mobile app: Change Report Type, Fix Credit Card Errors, and Cancel "Pending" Orders.

Report Type Change

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