EagleView Personas

EV Personas


My Role | Sr. UX Design Manager

UX Team | Sr. Visual Designer, 5 User Researchers

Tools | Audio & Video Recorder, Pen & Paper, Scissors, Glue, Illustrator, Photoshop



We can influence the organization by providing laser-like focus on exactly who are user's are and what motivates them to keep using our product. By providing a name, face and story to the wide variety of industries we target we will help align product decision-making to improve the quality and reduce engineering ccosts.

EagleView has a fleet of more than 115 airplanes taking aerial imagery that is used to provide 3D measurements, data analytics and GIS solutions on commercial, residential and public properties.

Problem: EagleView is a fast-growing company with many products serving multiple industries. The VP of Product Strategy understood that the company as a whole could benefit greatly if everybody had a solid understanding of our customers. He gave me and the UX Team the time and resouces needed to conduct thorough research to create a solid set of user personas. EagleView also has many proprietary tools and by understanding the needs of the internal users we can help make the best bang for the buck of the Engineering Team's effort.

Success: In a period of four months the UX Team organized and completed an aggressive research plan, and afterwards assembled the information in multiple visual design formats that we promulgated throughout the company in the followng formats: Large Scale Wall Posters, Table Tents, Monthly Newsletter, & Intranet.


  1. Research
  2. Visual Design
  3. Share & Present


Persona # of Interviews # of Field Visits # of Tradeshows Attended
Commercial Construction & Solar
Sara Supplier Sales Representative 8 3 4
Ralph Roofing Contractor 10 1 4
Sunny Solar Designer 5 1 2
Carol Claims Adjuster 5 4 1
Andy Underwriter 4 1 1
Ian Independent Adjuster 8 3 2
Government: Assessment, GIS & Public Safety
April Appraiser 5 2 2
George GIS Coordinator 8 1 1
Corey 9-1-1 Dsipatcher 6 2 1
Internal Tools
Martin Measurement Tech 6 6 0
Casey Customer Service Representative 8 6 0


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